By:Tony Samp,Steven R. Phillips,查尔斯凹痕Nathaniel J. Bell

The House and Senate have voted to send this year’s National Defense Authorization Act – which includes the most substantial legislation addressing artificial intelligence (AI) approved by Congress to date – to President Trump, who has threatened to veto the $731.6 billion defense policy legislation.

庞大的4,517页防守法案纳入了地标立法制定了关于新兴AI技术的国家政策,这些政策已经已经塑造和改变了军事和民用生活的各个方面。如果条例草案是否决权,民主控制的房屋的领导者发誓要返回到下一届大会的1月3日发誓之前的否决权投票的DC,但尚不清楚共和党控制的参议院计划做些什么- 或者如果所有的共和国房子和参议院成员投票赞成NDAA会投票赞成重估总统否决权。

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